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Nicholas Skapura's Home Page
2 August 2003   Added Plugin Tutorial
I released a new article called Implementing a Plugin System. The article instructs the reader, step by step, how to implement a plugin system in an application.
30 July 2003   Storm GUI Library v0.5b Released
The Storm GUI is a new version of the SDL GUI Library. It was completely rewritten and redesigned from scratch. The new version provides an easier class design and more controls.
3 July 2003   SDL GUI Library v0.5b Released
The SDL GUI Library has been released today. This library provides an easy to use, standard interface for SDL based applications.
3 July 2003   The Game of Life SDL GUI Demo Application
In order to demonstrate the ease with which applications can be developed with the library, the Game of Life demo was created. The demo features well documented code, which explains each step in creating objects for use with the GUI Library.

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